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"The best therapy I have experienced, I believed only in Accupressure therapy & highly recommended from Dr.Priyanka..nowhere else . Also I challenged that once you take treatment from Priyanka 100% satisfaction result u will get by her treatment..because I have cured my Knee Pain & Back pain completely From her."

Praful Shah

"To Begin with Big Thank you to Accupuncture Dr.Priyanka...I have got Excellent results from sinusitis Treatment. My Sinusitis problem was suffering form last 20 years much better now.other health related issues Depression & stress has showed much improvement.Thanks to Dr.Priyanak for helping me.She is always there to help, Encourage & Cheer you with her Positive Approach lots of love To dearest Dr.Priyanka "

Nidhi Rathod

"Last Sunday We have called youngest Dietician My PRIYANKA to give us little knowledge about Fitness and Nutrition because What you Eat that you become...First I will share my story....Being Army Man, My lifestyle was good but once placed to desk job My weight was gaining rapidly even my eating Habits were same only job profile has Changed.. From last 3 years I have gained almost 9 kg extra Weight but after taking Diet Plan from Dietician PRIYANKA..I have lost 6.5 kg in two months...I am no longer depend on Antacids for My acidity Issue feeling so much light & positive from inside.. On Sunday,she has burst all the myths and tackled a lot of misinformation surrounding the craze of crash diets, detoxes, juice cleanses, sugar-free products, exotic products, Low fat, Low carb & High Protein Diet ETC.. I like one thing about her she put forward her points clearly, backing it up with scientific explanations, drawing some those explanations from Ayurveda. she has broke down the stigma around certain foods like how certain food gets vilified for all the wrong reasons, which most of the time, is just a marketing gimmick. She even promoted the idea of knowing and accepting your body and treating it with utmost love and respect.She has also explains all the functions of important nutrients that our body needs and the benefits of exercise plus How Exercise Physiology Woks??? which was Extremely Important for everyone one of us. I did nothing drastic but made a few changes that I can follow my whole life. When you get a good understanding of it, from Someone who has really higher Knowledge than you...We are So much Thankful & Happy for you Priyanka....long way to go.... Wish you good Luck & So Proud Of you..Jai Hind"


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