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"I have known Rachna Nayar for 5 years. She literally picked me up when I had fallen and saw no hope. Her distant healing practices revived my inner strength and I have found a new perspective. Eventually last 5 years have been most successful and fulfilling years of my life both personally and professionally. She has also taught me some self healing practices and meditation which help day in and day out. I live outside india but inspite of the time difference she is always available when I need her support. She is a firm, diligent guru, mentor and guide for me. There are not enough words to express my gratitude to her as she has just been giving me more and more ever since I have known her. Thanks, Navraj"

Navraj Kansal

"I know Mrs Rachna Nayar mam for about tennure of 4 year she is highly qualified in the field of hypnosis and reiki and practicing it for a long .she did my hypnosis and give me some technique to balance the 7 chakras of the body and this technique helped me a lot in getting rid of my plroblem of low confidence and healing the disturbance of subconcious. She is also perfect in tarrot card reading which also helped me in taking one of the major life changing decision in my life. I was very much satisfied and had recommended to my friends and they are also satisfied by the guidance of Mrs Rachna Nayar. "


"I got in touch with Rachna Ma’am 9 years back. During that time I was going through major changes in personal and professional life which had caused me extreme anxiety , palpitations, temper and hormonal imbalances. Then she arrived and with her very very reasonable tips i could tick off all these issues and the way she balanced my mind all the changes fell in place one by one. In last 9 years as a professional coach she has made me independent to cope up with any sudden and unexpected things which life throws. She has made me overcome my fears, made me progressive, instilled empathy in me and I can see a resulting wider acceptance and warmth from friends and family around. She leads by examples and her action inspires one to be best version of them in all roles they play - as a spouse, parent, home maker or a professional. I am grateful every single day to her for having my back and being available when I need guidance. Best Regards Taruna"

Taruna Sardana

"I have been taking healing services from Mrs. Rachna Nayar for the past 10 years now. I have taken her tarot services, past life regression, reiki, EFT, and various meditative sessions. I highly recommend her healing. She has helped me glide through some of the major events of my life. What I like most about her she makes you feel comfortable with your emotions. If you are looking for permanent solutions to your emotional turbulence, then she is the person. "

Ayushi Goel

"Rachna my dear sweetheart I love you from the bottom of my heart. Jab mere saath mere paas kuch nahi hota toh mera stress kam karne k liye aap hote ho. I can't forget that. You always give instant reading to me without delaying. Thats what i love about you. Aur reading k kya he kehne. You are so amazing with cards thats crazyyy. Your reading is so on point and close to reality. I would say 99.99% accurate. Your timeline is sooooo bang onn. That's crazy. The most important point is that you are not judgmental at all. You understand every situation so gracefully that I don't feel awkward at all. Now you have a friend and a follower for life. Love you love you love youuuuuu ♥️"

Kamaljeet Kaur

"Lacking stock of words to describe how she is. In one word I can say she is amazing. The most important thing she is such a nice person that u would feel really very comfortable to share your secrets and she has such a beautiful soothing nature that can make depressed person feel better .Loads of love and light to her on her journey. Thank you so much Rachmaninoff for being such a kind soul. "


"The Best, she gave me hope..."


"The Best, she gave me hope..."


"Deducted money but didn't got chance to call"


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