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"She is just awesome:) I had done Foundation course of Acess Consciousness with her in November 2017. Based on my experience she is best at work. The depth of her wisdom is like a sea, limitless, deep and wide. The best thing about her is that she doesn’t restrict herself to just completing a program or modality for which you have come to you but ensures that you get value for your each and every moment you spend with her based on her wisdom and experience. Its her experience, which makes her such a profound wellness coach, therapist and healer. Words and adjectives fall short to describe her and her work. She has made a profound difference to my life with her wisdom . She has an ability to see through you and catch hou exactly where you are struck and advice accordingly even without you sharing the same. I am so so grateful to the universe for having her in my life. I am looking forward to doing many more programs with her"

Poonam Mishra

"Hi! I have done bars as well as foundation with Radhika. She is an awesome mentor. Wonderful person with huge knowledge . Always ready to help and guide, i loved working with her. ?"

Shipra Nitin