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"I met Rahul when I was having roadblocks in my life . I was feeling low in energy. Rahul was able to provide me practical and intuitive advice to enlighten my life. He cleared my blocked chakras without even my knowledge and I felt a great improvement in my energy levels after the session. I was also fortunate to attend the Heal Your Life program conducted by Rahul and it was a life changing event. I'm feeling so much positive in life through the affirmations learnt from the session. "

"I attended the Access Consciousness Bars Certification Class by Mr Rahul. It was one of the most wonderful learning experiences for me. The immense knowledge and teachings he dealt this subject with was amazing. He has been so open and forthcoming in his knowledge sharing that I never felt for a moment he was withholding anything that he reserved for himself. Access Consciousness as a special morality by itself, is something so powerful one must surely acquire. I would be glad to recommend Mr. Rahul for anyone who desires to benefit from his wonderful array of healing moralities."

Suresh Kumar Mahabal

"I was suffering from pcos and sinus for a long period of almost 7years. Tried everything I could and there is not a stream of treatment that I dint lay my hands on but all in vain. I came across this healer through some portal. Still skeptical I wanted to try on his treatment. Within 2 months of treatment taken from this healer all my pcos symptoms n my sinus has drastically reduced. I have learnt reiki which has greatly helped in my sleep disorder. Can feel a great change in my thinking after I took access consciousness bars treatment. Very easy to talk to about your problems and according to that he would recommend the treatment. Thanks for all the great changes that he has brought in my life."


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