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"A guide is a gem who is missing from your life and you don’t even realise this until you have met a great guide, mentor or life coach. I came across Rajesh Sir in 2017 through mutual contacts. That day my life really took an unexpected turn. I got the direction of life which was completely missing. I was living like a needle in a haystack with clueless future. The first time when I met him, it was wonderful talking to him. I must say that he is a great listener and open to all kinds of perceptions, thoughts, ideas and viewpoints. He is not judgmental which helped me open up and share my all bizarre thoughts without any hesitation. Later, with his advise, I joined his weekly counseling sessions. It helped me moving towards a stable life with least complications. Gradually, my numerous problems started getting resolved. For the same "problems" which he calls "challenges" my outlook changed. Instead of reacting, I practiced responding to them. It helped me with completion of bigger projects. With better physical, mental and emotional self, the path of life is very much clear to me. Now, I am happily managing my life to reach to the next milestone. Thanks to my Life Coach. I recommend him to everyone who wants to streamline his/her life."

Nikita Singhal