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"Undoubtedly Rajnish Mishra ji is a very good tarot card reader, i had serious issues in my personal life and then i cunsulted to him, he gave some advices and i got a great relief. Thanks to him "

Sachin Mishra

"Rajnish Mishra has been a great help for my son, my son had big issues with his wife, their relationship was almost broken then i spoke to Rajnish Mishra, he gave some instructions which really worked to fix the issues. He is indeed a very gentle person as well"

J P Mishra

"His knowledge in tarot card reading is unbelievable and also he has a vast knowledge in astrology,her prediction is 100 % accurate. I'm fully satisfied with his prediction and also he is my family astrologer. His approach is undoubtedly can't be explained in words,he explains things in a clear manner with great examples from everyday life. His tarot reading was on point and his guidance was very helpful. Whenever in doubt or dilemma about any situation the only solution I find is approaching rajnish sir.he is very humble a great listener and provides very good solutions to every issues as he goes into root of problem and solve them from roots.Me and my family have being knowing mam from past 3 years and within those years we have experienced a lot of change and shift in ourselves be it thought process or healing. I am very thankful to you sir"

Deependra Mishra

"Very polite and accurate information . - Richa Das "

"I got a power after talking to you, it was very nice thank you sir - Deepa Goyal "

"Gives very good information and their behavior is also family. I would request you guys to book their session. - Namrata Divedi "

"I was very worried about my relationship .but after talking to rajnish sir I am feeling relax ..he treats very well and talk like a familiar...I always suggest you all to consult with him........ Aaryan"

"Thanks a lot of sir for giving me good solution about my relationship . I suggest all to consult once with rajnish sir for good solution .🙏🙏"

"I have some relationship problem but after talking with sir i am feeling relax and happy..so thanks a lot of sir for giving me good advice . Nisha"


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