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"I had severe back pain which was radiating to my right leg. After consulting number of doctors for the same I decided to go for acupuncture treatment. Fortunately I found Dr. Raju's contact number from internet and consulted him for the acupuncture benefits and also if it had any side effects. Dr. Raju gave me three acupuncture sittings for curing my back pain and also gave me homeopathic medicine. The pain subsided completely in the third sitting and did not come back till date. Above all I did not feel any side effects from the treatment (except that my office doctor advised me not to donate blood till 6 months from the last sitting). After feeling relieved from the pain I again consulted Dr. Raju for Vertigo treatment for my mother. My mother had a long history of vertigo attacks which became frequent during 2009. Dr. Raju gave one sitting of acupuncture along with homeopathic medicine to my mother. My mother got relieved completely from her vertigo attacks in just one sitting. I have no hesitation in recommending acupuncture treatment which I have found to be very safe and without any side effects. (In case you require any further details you can contact me through my email. I will be more happy to help)"

Atul, Age 30, Chartered Accountant

"Perhaps, it is a surprise to me that I am relieved from my arthritis issues, which prevented me to walk even few feet. For the last 4-5 years, during rainy and winter seasons, I was visiting a number of doctors of various systems - none of them brought me any relief, either temporary or permanent. Today, I am able to ascend the stairs of my office up to 4 floors without trouble, and this wonder was possible due to your Acu treatment. I am grateful to your services, and request you to put this message in your website, for others to understand."

S. Lakshmi from Chennai (India)

"I was under medical treatment for Hyperthyroidism since 1994 January. I was told by the Endocrinologist that the treatment should continue life long. Though I followed the advice and treatment properly, every now and then I had symptoms that troubled me. Cough and cold that ended with Anti Tubercular drugs, Hyperglycemia and Bradycardia that were corrected now then by drugs. On August 30th, 2003, I had a swelling on my right hand middle finger. I consulted our Surgeon who advised me two days medical treatment, which would be followed by Surgery if the medicines were ineffective. I asked my colleague Sr. Roseline whether there was something for this in Acupuncture. On her advice I consulted Dr. Raju who was doing Advanced Acupuncture at our New Life Home ward for chronic disorders. He gave me one needle poke on that day, and the swelling was gone in two days. Further, he gave me treatments on 6th Sep and 18th Oct 2003, each time needling only one unique point, which he said, would correct the Thyroid dysfunction. My Blood test also showed that the values of T4 and TSH were astonishingly normal after the treatment. I personally feel more healthy now, and thank God who has given the wisdom to man to find out the hidden healing mysteries through this Acupuncture therapy."

Sr. Berta, St.Ann's (South Zone) Sacred Heart Hospital - Tuticorin, India

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