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"Rani’s work is impressive, she is able to be open and listen to what is there. When she explained what she saw clearly, it helped me believe what I already know but hadn’t acted on yet. Rani’s manner is light and fun without mitigating the depth and breadth of the work she does. She shows up fully as herself and modeled that for me so I am inspired and supported into action and awareness."

Rick Redick

"It's been a month since Rani told me about Hudson's yeast problem and I had put him on a natural detox and enzyme program and he is a different dog ~ or more like he is supposed to be. He is happier and has more energy and looks great (see attached photo). He now greets me when he wakes up smiling (instead of laying low on his bed) and when I come home he is very happy and energetic. My dog walker noticed and commented on his spirits and his coloring on his face before she knew about the detox. His poop is also more solid now and he's eating regularly (over the last year didn't eat some meals ~ very un-lab like). I just wanted to let you all know in case your pet has similar symptoms (on the website) or if you or anyone you know was curious about their pet and wanted to contact Rani for her amazing gift. I know all of you love your pets as much as me and also know other pet owners that may want an alternative way of knowing their loved ones better."

Elicia Woodford

"Working with Rani has undoubtedly contributed greatly to my career path, relationships and housing choices, for which I am deeply grateful. When I was finishing school and looking for work, Rani supported me with very valuable information that affected which jobs to apply for, and I now LOVE where I work. When I was looking to move, Rani described in great detail the perfect house for me, and a week later I found it. While navigating my interpersonal and personal histories and blockages I experience, Rani provided a compass and powerful instructions for clearing those blocks. I highly recommend her as a guide, a support, and a brilliantly accurate psychic."

Levana Saxon

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