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"There are times in life when you feel a little lost and you need guidance. Rasika's Tarot reading gave me guidance at one such time. She gave me simple tips which I could easily practice and wonderful things happened in my life soon after. Thank you Rasika"

"Rasika's predictions are just bang on. I have kept faith in her recommendations and followed it without a doubt in my mind. The results are just awesome. She is a very genuine reader who invests a lot of time and energy and puts her heart and soul in helping out her clients. Just love the cool, composed and serene way in which she addresses each and every concern. Its more like talking to a friend who's always positive and solution oriented. Love you my guiding light!!!"

"I went to Rasika when I did not have much to appreciate in life. I was facing problems in my professional as well as personal life. I did a few sittings with Rasika and she was like a friend with whom I could share my problems. She guided and supported me throughout. I followed her guidence with full faith and I could see the results in no time. I would definately recommend Rasika's consultation for any challenges you are facing in your life and nned guidance from universe. Thank you Rasika for being the guiding angel."

"V accurate reading Her reading help u to deal with turbulence in life "


"Very good predictions. Please go for her reading. "


"V accurate reading Her reading help u to deal with turbulence in life "

"It was bad, whatever I asked the other tarots, she said it completely the opposite and all were negative, whatever I asked, it was a no. So it was one of the worst experience, if not the worst experience. "

Debashish Mallick

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