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"I won a free reading with Rasshmi today & she was so clear of her advice. Her conviction & clarity over her advice was very honest. She went ahead to address more of my doubt immediately with so much patience & calmness till I had a bigger picture of the advice. Her advice had emotions but great clarity. I am really gonna sit & listen to her advice again in coming days & plan my road ahead. So grateful for a direction. Thanks a ton Rasshmi."

Deepika Rathi Maheshwari

"Thank you for your lovely message. I really liked and appreciate your reading for my life purpose. And am really surprised that it completely matches my likings, i.e. naturopathy, which I never give priority to. But it's been a few days that I have been getting messages to get back to follow my dream, and I think now I must work towards it. Thanks once again for doing a reading so perfect"

Anju Varma Chawla

"How many of us know our life's purpose. I believe none. Only with the help of medium or guide it is easy to know this purpose. For me medium to know my life purpose is Rashmi Di. I think before o requested her to do reading for me I didn't knew what problem I am actually facing. But after she did reading for me, I realized this problem was just infront of me but I was never ready to accept it. Not only she helped me in knowing my life purpose but also now I know who my Angels are. After knowing them,I feel more connected to them. Rashmi Di has not only helped me in 1 but in many instances and helped me in correcting my path. I thank her wholeheartedly for this butiful connection i.e making me truly happy"

Priyanka Khera Khairnar