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"Resham is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met. She is kind, patient, and knows exactly what to ask you, and when to push you to go a little deeper. In her hands, Bach Flower Remedies do all they are meant to do. I have been going to her since March 2017, and the shifts I can see within myself are amazing. I am no longer just sad without knowing why, I have better boundaries, I speak up for myself more. Bach Flower Remedies work in the background to help you be who you want to be, without making you re-live difficult or traumatic times. I am so grateful to have Resham to turn to, and I sincerely recommend her, and Bach Flower Remedies, to anyone who needs a little bit of help. "

Amrita Madhusudan

"At the age of 70, a woman can be cranky & irritable especially if she has not slept well through the night. Earlier when I would wake up a couple of times at night to use the restroom, I would find it difficult to go back to sleep, sometimes up to an hour. After a one to one session with Resham,& the Bach Flower remedies,she gave me,I am seeing a difference in myself, I have control over my irritation & the best part, I am going back to sleep immediately like a baby. I would recommend Bach Flower Healing to everyone, it's Awesome. Thank You very much Resham "

Vanita Pamnany

"In one of my sessions Resham aunty was asking me about who can save me from my emotional pain, the answer was simple she was expecting me to say - me (myself), but I replied saying you and she smiled, Ofc sweetie, but you need to help yourself too. Sometimes you reach a point where you can't find anything left in you that can help you over come your reality, that's when a chat with Resham aunty and her magical personal blends of Bach flower, turn what looks like a full stop in life into a comma. Thank you for your love."

Aashita Mani

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