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"Reema is awesome teacher. She understood kids from in and out and then she works on kid. My kid learn maths and English basic concepts in playful manner and she made his interest into studies. Handwriting without tears are so good program, she made him write and strengthen his fingers. She advised us so many activities which I can do with my son at home. I definitely recommend Reema Desai. She is superb."

Dina Rajput

"I have had a positive experience of working with rima on angel cards . She uses her intuition and knowledge and guides both from head and the heart . It has given a sense of direction for me . She should be experienced once to understand her true powers and then the relationship will continue forever . She is good at her work and I wish her well. Don’t wait reach out to her"

Dushyant Arya

"Rima is gifted and talented and works with immense passion. Her journey is very inspiring and she's here to guide and help others with the wealth of great knowledge and insight that she has. I find her videos and articles very inspiring!!"

Shikha Bhatia Madhok