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"The power of healing can be known only by those who experience it themselves......earlier it was not so much convincing for me that how things work up but in past few days i have experienced the difference.... I want to share my experience.....As a very common problems girls face these days is the menstrual cramps and pain n me myself is a bad victim of it ....every month during these days of my cycle i have unbearable pain in the stomach and lower back....moreover i don't feel like having energy as I feel totally exhausted ........Even medicines wont do much work until they are powerful painkillers which give temporary relief. But this time healing given by my mausi Rita Pandey i found quite relief in that pain ......Without medicine i was able to stand throughout the second n third day of my cycle. I just took one medicine on first day of the cycle itself......Also i din't felt like fainting which normally happens with me during these painful cramps. So i found a big difference...After months I had such an experience so i really felt that it has some power to heal the problem as the results i have seen myself......The power of belief in the person giving healing makes the difference because thoughts are the major source of success in any field or any treatment........."

Somya Misra

"Hi I am Urvi Shah and I was suffering with pcod where my period were not regular.. I had a family wedding lined up and was almost a week overdue.. I connected with Rita who is a pranic healer and to my surprise with just 2 sessions on healing in just 2 days I got my periods.. I would recommend her to all my contacts as she is really trust worthy and would also guide you on how to deal with your chakras.. thanks a lot Rita and keep helping people with your healings"

Urvi Shah