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"Ritu Kabra, is a very experienced and compassionate hypnotherapist. I went to her 4 years ago with chronic pain that persisted over a period of 7-8 months. I had been to the doctors and tried reiki, medicines and reiki provided temporary relief but it would always come back. I knew it was energetic but needed help from a really good healer. I contacted Ritu, I had never been through regression. My first session with Ritu last 4 hours , which seemed like 45 mins, we had visited 2 different past lives and my childhood and found the root cause of my pain and completed the healing. My pain was gone the second I opened my eyes and hasn’t returned to this day. Her guidance and voice was what took my through the process, her innate wisdom and compassion at every step made me completely surrender to the process. She is humble and rock solid. I highly recommend her for her knowledge in this field. She is also a phenomenal teacher certified by EKAA, I have learnt the 3 levels of hypnotherapy with her. Ritu is an asset as a therapist joining the Thriive WSPs. "

Tui sigman

"Ritu is a wonderful therapist and teacher. Her presence, warmth and responsiveness are commendable."

Carol Subramani

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