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"I participated few vinyasa flow lessons at Chennai Yoga Studio and I loved that! It made me extended my stay in Chennai:D Specially my first lesson there with Anjana was just amazing, I really really liked the flow and loving guidance and also the adjustments. My thanks and recommendations belongs also to Rohini who is teaching with a smile and big positive energy. You can feel that teachers of Chennai Yoga Studio love what they doing. Highly recommend! Thank you. "

Lucie Aglaja

"Rohini's explanations of asanas are so detailed. I was homebound so I had a friend of mine record an audio of her session at her studio and as I listened and followed her instructions,just her verbal guidance at every step painted a clear picture of the postures in my head, which made it easier for me to get into it. But having to practice in her presence, in her studio is a completely inspiring and invigorating experience !"

Nikhilesh Kapadia

"Rohini brings together teachings from top yoga gurus and innovative global yoga trends in a personalised style. I had the opportunity to get trained by her in Washington DC. Rohini's vivacious personality and energy rubs off easily on her students, and I would strongly recommend her course to anyone interested in discovering the art of holistic living! Check Chennai Yoga Studio out if you haven't already!"

Darshan Yadunath