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"Ms Rosaline is an accurate tarot card reader, as her readings have helped in answering many of my questions in life. Her answers and solutions have been easy and genuine, which have given me positive results always. I have even done my reiki basic level course and also had done some angelic connections with her. She is very good in all her work, and is very genuine and accurate in her knowledge of all these asthetic sciences. Rosaline thank you so much, you have truely helped me solve many issues in my life. I am a happy person now ! ​"

Jasline Dixit - Director of a Playgroup Chain in Lucknow, IN

"I have had a Distant Relationship Attunement by Ms Rosaline and found it really relaxing during the process and afterwards it felt like my head was lighter as if I had had a lot of tension released which I wasn't even aware of. Would recommend to others ​ ​"

Jusleen Arora - Solicitor in Leicester Crown Court, UK

"I've been practicing Reiki everyday on myself and I did it for my husband also. He is very short tempered and that's where my concern starts for him. He himself did not realize what he talks and say when he is boiling, if I had a magic wand and there's one thing I would want changed, it would surely be his anger to calmness. Reiki has helped me making him calmer. And it's really a great feeling. Reiki also helped me in arranging the fees for Reiki classes. Though I am earning and can take the money out whenever I want from my account, however as my husband looks after every expenses he would notice the withdrawal. I was worried as my husband is a non believer of such powerful things that exists around us. I was concerned as he would say it all useless thing and I have been fooled by someone if i will ask him for fees. There I ask help from Reiki. I asked Reiki to please help me arranging funds and miracle happened!! I told my husband about the wish to take Reiki classes and the fees associated with it. Within no time he transferred the amount into the concerned account number. I was so surprised how it happened and then I realized....Yes !! Reiki worked !! I just want to thank Ms. Rosaline my Master for enlightening me to a great experience. I really enjoyed the sessions I had, in my stressful life it was wonderful to have an hour or so of such relaxation that lasted for several days after. After the sessions the questions being asked are answered so well that indicated how closely she had listened to my concerns. I always left feeling lighter and with a new soul quiet. "

Shikha Bajpai - Works at the Bank of America in Delhi, IN

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