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"I had anxiety issues with myself that needed to be worked upon. But I didn't expect taking help of therapy. A friend suggested me to take just one session. So, I took the appointment. I just had one question in my mind- "How can someone help me with my anxiety over a video call?" But it happened. The name of my therapist was- Ruchika Garg. It is hard to be comfortable with anyone you are talking to for the first time. But ma'am was there as a mentor and as a friend. She listened to all my problems for like 20-25 minutes. And she guided me on how to tackle those problems one by one. Believe it or not, that first session itself removed half of my anxiety. Ma'am taught me effective techniques on how to handle my anxiety. She explained every technique with a story. It becomes easy to understand it and implement it. Also, she was always there to help me out even after the sessions. Reaching out to Ruchika ma'am is one of my best decisions I have ever made. Thank you for all your help, ma'am. "

Vinayak Chaharia

"Ruchika is an excellent therapist and healer. Spending two hours with her during my hypnotherapy sessions brought me such good insights into myself as a person that today I am grateful that I met her and she guided me through the darkness. I definitely recommend her as a therapist because she is just, objective, hardworking,empathetic and beautifully evolving every hour of the day. "

Shravani Bhattacharyya

"Thanks! I feel so healed after our hypnotherapy session. It is difficult for me to get comfortable with people but with you I can open up about everything. Thank you so much for all the sessions we have done."

Diyashree Bantawa

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