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"5 out of 5 Priti Ganatra March 21, 2019 I was first introduced to Theta Healing by Rupal as a guided meditation and connecting with my guardian angel. I had always been a skeptic of any alternate healing modality but that session just blew my mind. I felt for the first time a connection to some energy source that felt like the creator.And from there on there was no turning back, I went ahead and did my basic course as well as the advanced course in Theta. I have always been so suprised at how intuitive and connected Rupal is as a healer plus she is a compassionate person which really helps when you are working on your various limiting beliefs.I have benefitted so much from my sessions with her as well as have been witness to how powerful her healing sessions have been for many animals at a shelter.I appreciate how Rupal approaches each session with such her immense patience, compassion. She is a very intuitive healer"

Priti Shah