Rutwick Nijampurkar- Therapist -Energy Healing, Magnified Healing Phase |



"Anand, has been a great help, is a great guy, and is a selfless healer. He approached to help and heal when needed most. It's utmost important for spiritualists and healers to be a good human being, right intentions and a leader, he posses all those with an amazing sense of empathy, he is also proactive and assist you in understanding situations."

Sakshi Agarwal

"I came in to the healing session with an open mind and an intention as suggested. We started the process and there were two thoughts that came up prominently during the process. Both of them could be the answer to the question I had as the intention. Could not get the connection though-if it is the answer. However, during the healing, I could definitely experience the energy moving within my body and releasing as and when instructed... It was a wonderful experience and a learning one too!"

Gitesh Kalyankar

"My healing experience was very nice, i seen one of my childhood occation after 35 years which never i can see, secondly i seen one person whos age was 50 to 55 years who was seat on one place, and observed some activity in body vibration, Thank you"

Madhavji Shelke