Sakshi Kalra- Therapist -Past Life Regression, Shamanism, Tarot Card Reading |




With Sakshi Kalra

November 17, 2019 - November 17, 2019

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

New Delhi, India



"I had the opportunity of getting the tea leaves reading done by Sakshi. She had read the tarot cards for me a couple of times earlier and I must admit her predictions are extremely accurate. Hence I turn to her when I need to decide my course of action or I am in distress and based on her readings, I have always found peace. Her tea leaf reading has cleared a lot of confusions and filled my heart with positive thoughts. "

Satarupa Sen, Academician, Nalanda University

"I thoroughly enjoyed the readings I have done so far with Sakshi. One tarot card reading and one tea leaves reading. I am not at all familiar with readings, but I have been curious about how it works and more importantly what it would mean to me. I have to say the reason I enjoyed the readings from Sakshi so much was that she reads the person who she is doing the reading for as much as the readings itself. This means she would always communicate what she sees in a way that I would understand and be able to act upon, be it the feeling of stress that I am yet to reconcile or things I am not yet ready to face. The readings are not just readings, they are therapeutic value to me, it is a way for me to communicate and articulate what really bothers me deep down, openly with a wonderful human being who listens, sympathizes and more importantly empathizes too. Sakshi is a friend, so there is a layer of trust already there but there is no denial in her ability to build trust with people who she performs readings for quickly and comfortably too."

Ding Wang, Researcher- Microsoft Research India Lab, Bangalore

"Most of us are not born with an understanding or awareness of energies, though it is all that is present and exchanged around us. Most of us believe in tangible things and if it’s something we can’t see or touch then its existence is puzzling. When I started being aware of the power of energies, I needed someone to translate their language and interpret what they were trying to communicate to me- residing in my subconscious self. That’s when Sakshi, my energy interpreter, helped me answer, understand and seek meaning in my own energies. It’s not enough to just be aware of the good and bad, what Sakshi does with accuracy and is really good at, is, bring out the several underlying messages from the subconscious to our conscious mind in order to embrace and accept our emotions and everything they are trying to tell us. By doing that with utmost empathy, she helps us come to terms with our own self to identify any unresolved episodes or events. With Tea leaf reading, she immensely helped me understand my mental agony and conflicts I was going through and with clear signs of looking longingly at the past memories, I knew I had to get right out of my existing mind space to recreate more of these moments to hold on to. Revisiting old friendships through heart bubbles gave me an insight about how sometimes we just don’t allow ourselves the chance to look at old things in new light, when that’s all is required for a refreshing start."

Meenakshi Jha, Homemaker, Brazil