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"Hi greetings, Myself Deepak vishwakarma is taking from mr santosh menon since last 3 years or more. He has been a well read and certified trainer with good experience and knowledge fitness and identifying individual fitness goal . My main focus area was on muscle building and fat burning.also I wanted to develop my cardio fitness levels. Santosh menon trained me to focus on all these areas and now I feel much more energetic and fit now exercise has become my daily habit and ritiual . I thank santosh menon my friend cum trainer for sharing all his knowledge and for training me."

Deepak Vishwakarma

"I'm a 15 year old and Santosh menon is my trainer, he gives tips on diet and daily routine pattern and sends me different workouts everyday without fail, I've been working out since a month and can notice changes, he is damn good"

Fahaam Dwivedi

"I have been taking training from Santosh R Menon for a year now. Earlier it was one to one training mainly focusing on strength development and fitness. My main area of interest was to increase my fitness levels and stamina. Santosh's training mix of functional and strength training exercises helped me achieve this. Now we have online training via video calls due to the Covid19 impact. I am thankful for the perfect training time provided to me by Santosh Menon."

Krisha Patel