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"I just want to tell you that my return to meditation, through just 3 or 4 of your classes, is helping a lot already. Yesterday I went through hours of a potentially very explosive anger situation... but I looked at it all through my meditative mind, the one I re-found in your sessions, and was able to keep super cool and calm – with even a faint smile throughout. Thanks so much. Attending your sessions is the best decision I took in Goa this time. Hope you start online sessions soon, so we can follow them from here in Porto."

Remo Fernandes

"Sasha is a healer. Her presence in itself makes you feel positive and calm. She has patiently helped me through so many ups and downs. Sasha is patient and understanding. Opening up to her is one of the easiest things to do. She had conducted an inner child healing session for me. I remember crying like a baby and reliving so many past memories I had chosen to forget as a child. As the session progressed, I felt so much lighter. There were so many experiences and feelings that I finally made peace with and understood from a different perspective. She has always guided me with kindness, love and so much awareness. I would definitely suggest anyone to experience these sessions with Sasha. See for yourself why I call her a healer."

Simone Samuel