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"I had engaged with Yoga on and off many times before. It is not until I found my current guru, Sashi Sarda, and truly experienced the transformative power of Yoga. Due to an extensive work life my body had started facing many a health challenges early on, PCOD being one of the major concerns. I had tried allopathy, naturopathy, homeopathy and what not, over the last 7years but failed to effectively manage this syndrome. A year ago I took the first class with Sashi and almost immediately started seeing the changes. Since then, I’m completely off any medication, managing PCOS alongwith the other minor issues like migraine and sciatica only though Yoga! And I credit this 100% to Sashi. She’s a brilliant teacher with an unbelievable insight into the body and mind of her students. Besides the physical training, she’s taught me how to calm my mind and look inwards through closed eyes… It’s like I can connect with all my organs, cells and the very being that is me."

Samta Nadeem

"I moved to Bandra about a year ago and wanted to join a yoga class. I tried out atleast 4 centres before discovering Sashi’s class and I have been hooked for the past 5 months. Sashi has a great knowledge of yoga and also of the effects the asanas can have on the body and the mind. Her classes are not repetitive at all and really allow one to explore and push one’s boundaries. She is also very attentive to individual needs and issues. The best feeling is that, the class which is at 7am actually makes me want to wake up so I don’t miss it. Thanks Sashi!"

Priya Nijhara

"Sashi is an excellent teacher – she is super positive and knows how to push you beyond your limits. I have been training with her for over 4 months now and I don’t remember a single class which is repetitive. She has something new to offer every class, making the classes nicely varied. She manages to give personal attention irrespective of the number of students in the class. She includes asanas as well as pranayama and meditation. I feel an immense improvement in my flexibility and endurance levels since I have joined her. But the icing on the cake is the location – it is serene and has a lovely vibe to it. I call myself a yoga convert, thanks to Sashi!"

Radhika Shah

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