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"the connection with the teacher it.s very important.... and Satish are a pure true soul can teach and share with people his amazing knowledge... he remember to you who you are ... beautiful experience in my life .... make me changing a lot .."

Gemma Torrent Espina

"I highly recommend this yoga place. true yoga. because if it's true yogis. Shatish for one is a master of teaching yoga the way it is meant. always there for others with his wisdom's. with his love for humans and earth check it out yourself, you will return with a gentle smile on your face!"

John Militie

"when a yoga practice make us go deeper into the depths of the body opens the heart and makes the soul smile we know we are in the right place.satish is a great yoga teacher is so present and dedicated to every single student and who has such a deep understanding of human body he is so resourceful with his alignments,deep knowledge not just in asanas also anatomy philosophy. I learnt so much from him."

Laura Zugasti

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