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"My name is Shetall Chaaudary , I met Seemaji for the first time when I went to her for a tarot session , after providing answers to all my queries and the meanings behind the tarot cards , Seemaji said she would also give me angel healing , and also gave me a brief insight into the world of prayers and positive affirmations.since I follow a few spiritual practices myself and am a seeker I was instantly drawn to angel therapy and healing , thanks to Seemajis very gentle and loving guidance before I could realise I was sreading cards and having insights into so many unknown areas of my life. I can vouch for the fact that apart from being a very loving person Seemaji is a very skilled therapist and a guide I am sure every student would love to have . "

Sheetal Choudhary

"Seemaa as a healer and therapist has always been consistent, effective and shown a great sense of integrity. I have attended her workshops in Graphology, crystal therapy and Angel cards and they have been well conducted bringing lots of information and accurate guidance . I have also referred some friends for her Hypnotherapy sessions and they have been helped in many ways. I wish her good luck and success in all her endeavors . "

Vanita Naval