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"The six weeks training was a very good and positive experience for me. There were always few insecurities regarding the way i used to be as in dominant and sometimes it used to come of as very rude. Positive pyschology made me educated on my strengths and made me aware that why i am the way i am. It taught me how to and how much to use my strengths. It taught me many new things which i never heard of. The course started on a very professional base but after a week or two i was able to be more comfortable and could share my experiences. The way of teaching was very good and easy way of learning and understanding concepts. I am glad i chose to do this course cause now i have a better understanding of things and know mpre about controlling my strengths. It helped me stay positive during my exams and i used my strengths and basically organised every stuff properly and planned how to do my studies. Overall it was a worthy experience and am glad to be a part of it. I developed a better understanding towards things, it has definitely changed me as a better person as i am able to help my friends be more positive and lastly thank you for having me!"


"Thankyou so much Shahen! Though I couldn’t be very much punctual about the exercises, i really learnt a lot. Especially ripping apart the labels was the most impactful exercise for me. Even today if i feel any one of those feelings which I attached a label to, I quickly think about ny response and how i defended myself and I immediately feel powerful and strong! I could vent my heart out, introspect about things i gave no attention to before, as simple as How i felt, why i felt that and how is that having an effect on me. In these 3 weeks i noticed and understood that i was capable feeling so many different emotions but i termed all of them as one emotion - sadness. Now i can absolutely specify which emotion i’m feeling and hence it doesn’t make me that upset as it did earlier. It definitely has made me more aware about myself and infact even others as i think i’ve become more empathetic now. Tbh the first exercise where i had to make a chart about the situations which make me angry, because i wrote them down, now I don’t feel angry about most of those situations. Feels like i let go those situations forever on that paper. Feels really awesome!I couldn’t have done this without your help, patience and hardwork towards me. Thankyou so much once again. These 3 weeks were totally worth my time and energy and i feel proud to have attended this workshop! Can’t be more grateful!"


"Thank you shahen it's really been wonderful?I have realised that certain situations are unavoidable and we just have to deal with them the calmer we are the less unpleasant it is, and we have to accept certain things and make peace with it... Anger will never go away completely but we can always change the way we react?thankyouuu really...What you said was so right:) thank you so so much it was an amazing experience and learning which I will always remember and even the letter I wrote to myself?thank you"