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"Its a wonderful mode of healing. So gentle yet so powerful! "

Renu Singh

"I would like to share my experience on this one: Yesterday I visited Shiivaani Mahajan to address my month old chronic cough, after a full course of antibiotics and 20 day course of anti allergic medicines. Along with the discomfort of putting effort to breathe, I felt my nose was blocked. I had a barking dogs cough which did not allow me sleep peacefully at night. Shiivaani worked on my respiratory system and cleared my diaphragm through her Bowen magic and advised me to gargle with Himalayan salt and few drops of Bowtech ease oil. As soon as she did the treatment, I already started feeling light in the chest and nose. By the time I reached home which is few blocks away, I felt as if I breathed for the first time, it was so clear and light and I could inhale so much of oxygen at one go.. Lol.. I did the gargles and applied bowtech oil on the soles of my feet and some on the throat and slept off hoping I'll not cough 5/6 times as earlier. To my surprise I got very good deep sleep and I woke up to the alarm, though I got cough immediately after I woke up but intensity was very low. Since morning I haven't coughed at all and feeling super light while breathing and respiratory system feels light and I'm very fresh. And this is just ONE session!! Had I not known about Bowen, I would have ended up having more and more allopathy medicines and fallen prey to all the known side effects of anti allergens. Bowen indeed is a magic and Shiivaani is the magician!!! I strongly recommend to all those people who are suffering with respiratory issues, pls try this once!! Thanks a lot Shiivaani for doing what you do.. What would we do without you"

Bhavna Agarwal

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