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"Right Nutrition, balanced diet and weight loss all go hand in hand. Losing weight is a Herculean task for those who have been overweight for years and have tried to lose the flab. Who would know This more than me but Shilpa came to me as a blessing in disguise and gave me a total makeover . She is the best nutritionist who not only understands your body Type but also customises the diet to make u feel happier and lighter . Shilpa makes sure that ur emotional and physical balance is maintained all through and gives u a diet that gives u satisfaction and the correct nourishment. She has made me a confident person with the weight loss and though I have taken a break for a while she follows up regularly to find out how I am Doing . So to sum it all up Shilpa is the key To unlock and achieve ur dreams of getting Fit and Fab from Flab "

"I met Shilpa 3 months back. I found her approach very friendly, inspiring & positive. She’s a very Sweet & pleasing personality, always ready to help & listen. Every time I meet her my motivation goes high, as I see the weighing Scale & inches coming down. I found her diets very sensible & easy to follow to the extent that you do not feel deprived of food. I’ve not only lost weight but am also gaining my health back Thank you Shilpa for this very helpful and easy to understand program. I highly recommend her to my family & friends as her prime focus is your health. "

"It's been about 3-4 months since I joined Shilpa and I cannot believe the discipline I have inculcated in myself. Things I would've never imagined doing or eating I have started. Food that I would normally not think twice before eating, now I am more vigilant and careful. Sugar - something that I thought I'd never be able to live without I do. And the best part is I LOVE IT. It's not a diet change, it's a lifestyle change! I've started looking so lean without even compromising on the taste and feeling unhappy. Super work done by balance & beyond. My personal fix for life❤ "


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