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"I was going through an emotional turbulence in my life and was desperately looking for external validation. It was during that time that Shilpa extended her help by giving me the healing. At first I did not trust her words regarding healing and thought all these practices are just myth but just with her first session I not only felt the energy that exist around me but also found myself at peace with my emotions. Next day when I woke up I was a happier soul with more confidence within me"

Manika Shukla

" I have started my carrier in Human Resource field. As I performing my duties, I am suffering from shoulder Muscles pain due to long travelling and work load. By the time, I got chance to meet my husband's colleague - Shilpa as he knows that She has knowledge of healing power. I was suffering from pain so much and it’s so chronic. I also consulted a Dr. but nothing happened. I literally got tears in my eyes. On day Shilpa came home and I informed about my pain. She extended her help by giving me healing. It was distance healing I received from her and after that she taught me to take positive energy when I got up from bed. I felt very light and painless after that. I thanked Shilpa for investing time to heal me with no charge. And I hope that like me many others can utilise her skills for better living life. I wish her good future .."

Purvi Pancha

"Shilpa has been an amazing teacher, friend , human being and healer. She has helped me at very crucial points of my life and I'm indebted to the love and blessings she has showered me with. Truly an amazing experience to be in her and company and her healing sessions. Love them! "

Shahshank Vashistha

"Shilpa is a warm & compassionate person, and skillful with healing sessions. I was in my own journey of healing during the lockdown and it often brought up health issues. So I requested a remote healing session from Shilpa, which she willingly and lovingly did! Our intentions were aligned and I definitely felt lighter the next morning! Also, what I think is fabulous, is that, as a practitioner, Shilpa never shys away from questions. She has either answered them, or guided me to find the answer best suitable for me! May more and more beings be benefited from the healings Shilpa has to offer!"

Chetana Iyer

"I contacted Shilpa when my father was very ill and non responsive towards medicines, due to his age and ongoing fear of Covid we were losing all hopes. It was then Shilpa started his healing for 20 sessions and from first day onwards he started showing signs of improvement; the doctors and ICU staff were surprised looking at his recovery but not us as along with healing she was constantly in touch with me, daily asking about his health and boosting my moral to keep positive mindset, encouraging me to focus on positive outcome rather then losing hope. I must clarify that I didn't even know about pranic healing prior to this experience and it has been not only a positive but a life changing experience for me. Thanks Almighty Lord for helping me and showing me the way through Shilpa. Lots of love and Gratitude to Shilpa...🙂"


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