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"Shubha is an outstanding experienced life coach. She has an exceptional skills to interact, understand, analyse the issue and in the end provide a feasible solution to the issue. She has an aura full of positive energy. She has magic in the voice. Excellent life coach to interact with soft spoken skills."

Anil Gupta

"I know Shubha from both walks of life - as a certified life coach as well as an individual. Her individual experiences in life have helped hone her ability to offer a helping hand to others, to help people invoke an omnipresent courage to face life's actual tests & trials. And finally it helps to develop gradually a level of self-awareness with which people can confidently pursue their life goals with clarity, fortitude at the same time helping others grow around them."

Sonik Mishra

"Shubha is a very intuitive person apart from being a highly trained life coach, meditator, yoga enthusiast, as well as a corporate professional. All this has given her the experience and deep insights combined with intuition to help a person. It is refreshing, to say the least, that a person can be humane and bring that out productively in someone in otherwise stressful and competitive environs. Highly recommend her for solutions ranging from more output professionally or better productivity, mental peace, balancing life or generally being happier."

Anup Cukkemane

"Shubha has a positive aura . Anyone who meets her for the first time can feel her positivity . Her Soul talk shows Help and guide all to bring small changes in our day to day lives and help us all live our life beautifully with a positive attitude . Trust her to be a wonderful life coach who can bring positive changes in our lives . It’s a blessing to meet positive and people who can help bring magic into our lives and Shubha is one such person. "

Shanta Kulkarni

"Subha is an extremely positive person and an amazing motivator. Through her advice and guidance I have learnt techniques to increase my confidence levels and move out of my comfort zone. "

Yogesh Thakur

"An inspiring coach Shubha with her soothing personality seems to solve all your life issues so efficiently. I just find solace in listening to her. I keep re-running her motivational videos on YouTube and get filled with happiness every time. Wishing her super success and may God bless her in all her endeavours."

Karuna Siddhanta

"Awesome personality, very loving and caring in her views and suggestions. God bless her."


"Shubha's compassionate approach to counselling is an absolute rarity, and her unique strength. She listens with her heart and using her wise intuition, she is able to quickly reach the core of the issue that's troubling me. This makes her solutions not only rooted in higher truths, but also original - as though coming from my own 'point of origin'. After her counselling sessions, I've always felt encouraged, and left with the deep re-assurance that I can face any challenge with success. I now know that with Shubha's guidance that I'm never alone."

Ayush Agrawal

"Subha is an excellent motivator. She is a pure soul with immense love and passion for whatever she takes up. Her simple sweet demeanour with a deep understanding of the ultimate Truth, has a powerful positive effect on whoever gets to interact with her with a receptive mindset. Wish her more spiritual power and consciousness 🙏🌸❤"

Madhumita Sengupta

"Shubha Majumdar is excellent life coach. When some one doesn’t get an answer for their problem, Shubha gives amazing solution in simple few step. Shubha has very positive attitude towards life that makes her unique. "

Mitali das

"Shubha is an excellent life coach. Her deep dedication to truly helping people overcome various stumbling blocks of life, of the mind and healing them through extremely positive methods best suited to them, is her biggest plus point.Her calmness and how we too can be like that, are a great learning."

Anuja Dharadhar

"Subha is simply amazing...inspite of being so busy with her life coaching sessions, she is always ready to help me with my personal issues. The best part is that I have always found her advice miraculously helpful. She is a wonderful soul and always speaks from her heart and her advice is genuine. I am blessed to have a soul sister like Shubha. God Bless and may you always continue to make a difference in everyone's lives."

Anu Sharma

"Shubha is an excellent person and life coach. She understands our problems and guide us through a process which helps us to come out of the issues in a better way. And the best part is she keeps connecting with us often to know how far we achieved our goal or solved the issue. She is a very down to earth person with a kind heart, and always ready to help us out and guide us. "

Preetha C Nair

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