Smita M. Wankhade- Therapist -Ana Pana Sati Meditation, Enneagram of personality, Past Life Regression, Rebirthing |



"I entered her therapy room with trepidation but beautiful chants playing in the background and the candles calmed my nerves almost instantly. Smita was there with her angel like smile and a cup of freshly brewed Jasmine tea. I had been suffering from neuropathy in both my feet and day to day activities were hampered by it. I had been to several doctors but asides a handful of pills i had no relief. Smita held my hand and gently took me back in time to another birth where some of my fears were addressed. After ten sessions the pain and constant burning slowly receded. She also helped me connect with my childhood and answer millions of questions about my abused childhood. She brought back the faith in me that i was not in any way to be blamed for what happened. I cannot truly express in word what she has given me. I shall be eternally grateful for her healing touch."

Alpana Nair