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"I was referred to Numerlogist Ms. Smrieti Jha by a very dear family friend. Her numerology report based on my birth date gave me lot of clarity, hope and reassurance that whatever challenges l have dealt in the past and at present have profound meanings towards my spiritual journey. She's proficient in her readings and it comes from her experience in this field of significant years. What attracted me to her work and believe her is that she has a very compassionate heart and listens to you with utmost patience. I would definitely recommend her to my loved ones."

Bashobi Banerjee

"Smrieti is a very kind soul who has been a guiding light for many. I never believed in numbers and astrology unless i met her. Her readings were 100% accurate...not even 99%. Apart from numerology, she also guided me through hypnotherapy for inner child work. Her aura is so pure that she radiates love and compassion. She was able to give me specific numbers for specific traits. Not only she provides a solution but also stay in touch for practicing it. I HIGHLY recommend her for her numerology skills."

Preeti M Jha

"I was introduced to numerology by a friend who suggested me this owing to unbearable work pressure at the job front. I met smrieti and told her the issues. She explained me very patiently about impact of numbers on our life. Donot be fooled by her age. Behind that young girl is wisdom of oceans. She is so calm and will answer your queries with such amazing knowledge. I am practicing her solutions and my life is upside down. All the work stress, financial constraints and so many issues are things of past. One thing she continuously stress upon is the action. Donot expect miracles if you are not working for it. I was a person who did not know anything about the science behind numerology and she actually guided me throughout. Very genuine and a beautiful soul. God bless her. I will definitely recommend her."

Sidharth P Yash

"Her readings are accurate and absolutely bang on. Also the way she patiently deals with your queries and meticulously explains you everything makes you believe in the process. I would definitely recommend her to others for any numerology readings. "

Sakshi Kapoor

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