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"Sonal is just amazing with her yoga. I practised yoga with her for 5 years. She is simply best yoga instructor. Everyday she came with different sessions. She was very calm to make sure you do every asanas with perfection. With each asanas she gave us complete knowledge about its benefits. She kept her self updated. I so wish i could still continue with you. I really miss ur yoga in delhi. All the best sonal. Its a pleasure when i see your post. Would highly recommend everyone to do yoga with her."

Toral Aditya Singhal

"I have been training under Sonal by over 2 years now. Her passion for Yoga and Health is evident in her every action. Every class with her is different. Even when we are doing same asana, the way of doing it and the emphasis on the body is different. You feel like a super human in her class when she helps you to do a seemingly difficult asana with so much ease. Her class is a balance of yoga and pranayam. You feel energetic and confident about yourself after the class. Sonal motivates you to achieve your potential. She even encourages you to do other form of exercise and other asanas when the class is not there. I guess her USP is her knowledge about the subject and how she lays emphasis on correct postures. She has many years of experience teaching yoga not only to individuals but also to corporates, government organizations and acting schools. Looking forward to many many more sessions with her."

Ishita Chandaria Mehta

"Sonal has been once of the best yoga instructor I have met so far. Her deep understanding for each and every poster helped me learn a lot from her. She would always always explain why we do this Ashan and what are the benefits of it. I was trained under her for 3 years and loved every session of her. She made every class different for me which is why I enjoyed it. She is a very friendly and extrovert personality which is what I adore the most about her. I truely wish you all the very best for you career ahead and may you shine like as always. I do miss your class here in London. But I am hopeful you would someday do your workshops here"

Mitali Vishal Jain