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"My Inner child sessions with Sonal have been a turning point in my life. It has changed my relationship with myself first. And of course then the crucial relationships in my life are changing for better. Initially I was hesitant about Inner child sessions as I was very scared to look back and go to my few not so great childhood memories but Sonal made that process so easy..with great patience she just listened to me, my experiences, my interpretations. She made me feel completely empty and there began my new journey which is full of joy. I can't thank you enough Sonal for letting me find a new me and a new life. Love and respect for this amazing therapist. "

Snehal Deshmukh

"I was quite skeptical about therapists and alternate medicinal practices when I first approached Sonal. I was in severe depression - getting super impulsive, unpredictable and judgmental. In those days, I used to pursue a chain of negative thoughts, all through the day. Unwilling to be in this situation, I started taking sessions with Sonal. With a support of psychiatrist, Sonal started giving me exercises. She sent a few audios for daily meditation. Her reiki sessions were also there to offer support and peace. The smile on my face, made me belief and respect Sonal's practice and wonders that therapists could bring to your life! It's not that the world has changed, but my responses have! I thank Sonal for her compassion and support! "

Dipti Muley