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"It’s been a month I spoke to you n you have actually helped me to find myself n see through the reality. I have ended up with the guy I shared with you. N things are very peaceful now. Recently I had met a guy I need to tell you about so that you can convey me something Can I talk to you tmrw from afternoon onwards for a day?"

Dili dey

"Thank yooooouuuu so much for being all along with me You are so true and authentic and this touched me I feel so wonderful and ok Easy and loved The client who spoke to me Rudely three days ago has sent an email asking for a meeting. Guess they want to ask us to continue work. Well! I am not feeling any stress or even fear or any pressure I have a clarity and I know what I want. Thank you so so much for the health card. That was a real blessing ! I feel so much better after the cord cutting meditation Love love ? to you Gratitude"

Chetnaa Mehrotra