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The Good in Goodbyes

Suman Deepak Razdan

Where should I stay

Suman Deepak Razdan

Cognitive Reframing

Suman Deepak Razdan


"The healing capacity of our mind is unmeasurable and Mystic helps to unleash that power . The subconcious is lurking behind the humdrum of our daily lives and innimerable experiences and learnings are stored there which can help us heal, recover,recollect and recuperate. Thanks to Mystic ,I’m at peace with my past ,am less anxious of rhe present and look forward to my furure with eagerness!"

Sonia Ranjith

"I think Mystic really does open your eyes to the World that you don't seem to pay attention too. I have felt rejuvenated and truly believe in Suman's knowledge and her approach. I will highly recommend her for solving your life's deepest issues. Wishing her only the best ahead..."

Vishal Minawala

"I had a life changing experience during the therapy. I must say I had very little knowledge about it but going through few tragic incidents I was always sulking and sad. My friend and trained Hypnotherapist Mrs. Suman Razdan helped me come out of this pain. Thank you so much"

Neetu Shekhar Sinha