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"Excellent Life Trainer!!"

Sundarananda Dasa

"Excellent Guide"

Sundarananda Dasa

"Youth Mentor from last 5 Years. Worthy to spend time and learn from personal experience of life."

Sundarananda Dasa

"One of the best guides to transform me spiritually. "

Vinay Shetty

"Awesome and best. Always there for help."

Yash Vardhan Singh

"The art of living, and what matters is the way to live a life which is worthful is the main theme I have learnt from Sundarananda dasa ji."

Ritvik Anand

"Prabhu is very kind and is a very good explainer He always takes time to solve doubts and hear opinions before proving what is right or wrong "

Ayush Mukherjee

"Excellent !"

puran rajpurohit

"Yes you may not be fascinated with one speech at once. He is one of the best mentor who guided me how to service the lord. Today I'm enjoying the fruitfulness of his blessings and teachings. Prabhu not only relates the importance of our life but also relates everything to the Gita essentials. My sincere thanks for helping us by teaching every weekend Gita classes and made us realise how important the spirituality can bring change in us. Thank you prabhu"

Aditya Manikanta

"It’s been almost 3 years I am in n constant touch with Prabhu and I am so grateful of him that even I share almost everything about my experiences and challenge I face everyday, be it family dealings, or work. He is a good listener and analysis us from within. He keeps reminding me spiritual ethics and moral values that we many times forget while engaging in our day to day activities. He is so Kind and calm."

Avanish Singh

"Best guide for progress in spritual life. "

Lakshya bhardwaj

"Seriously, I don't know How lucky I'm to found a guide like you. Your guidance help me a lot in understand the value of life."

Chandra Prakash

"A great personality with humble behaviour and very helping nature.....would love to meet you soon😊"

Jay Kumar

"Prabhu has indepth knowledge of Bhagvad Gita - the manual for life. He gives answers to the problems faced by people from the wisdom of ancient Vedic literature and literature in pursuance of that nature. Rest assured the solutions not only solve the problems but also transform your life. Consult him for finding solutions that are effective and permanant and at the same time receive grace of God in your life"

Gopal Sarangi

"A perfect guide in every step of our life!"

Ankit Saraogi

""Very kind and excellent preacher""

Rahul Sharma

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