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"Sundeep is an amazing energy worker. Her presence in the sessions is powerful and warming. She is a perfect blend of knowledge, wisdom and intuition that makes her an amazing healer and therapist."

Hitesh Vashisht

"Sundeep ma'am is a gifted therapist and healer who had an early start to her spiritual career. She currently practices reiki, angel therapy, inner child therapy, past life regression therapy, switchwords and the science of meditation along with pyramid energy. When I first met her in 2010 she came across as a breath of fresh air emanating such positivity. She was my aunt's friend and a colleague then. I admired her for her abound wisdom and knowledge and taking a practical approach to the subject of spirituality. It is to her credit that my family was inspired to meditate. While most of us begin meditation in order to release stress, she explained to us the science underlying it. She familiarized us with chakras, the blocked energy channels in our bodies and how meditation helps to clear these channels. It all made sense after I began meditating and experienced a shift in my energy levels. I felt calmer than usual and more confident. I also noticed an improvement in my memory which tremendously benefited me as a student. In addition, I ended up scoring full marks on a paper with minimal effort. I had not even given up on any other recreational activity while having achieved so. This explains how our psyche is closely interlinked to the things happening in our lives. Besides meditation, Sundeep ma'am also initiated my family into reiki healing and introduced us to angels. These were fairly new concepts, but experiential learning should be the best judge for it. Reiki is extremely useful and powerful to heal oneself and others. It especially comes in handy during sick days. It helped me cure countless headaches and body pain without the use of medicines. Apart from that, having knowledge about angels has made life better in every sense. Angels love unconditionally and never make you feel alone. When Sundeep ma'am talked about angels, it sounded all too magical to be true. But now I can share numerous examples of having received help from them and the signs of their presence. I am, therefore, truly grateful to Sundeep ma'am for making me realize the significance of spiritual awakening and its importance to live a purposeful life. I would highly recommend her to those seeking to heal and help themselves."


"I personally have conducted classes for Sandeep and all the participants were very satisfied. I personally had PLR with her and i came to know about my life purpose in this carnation. I am very much impressed by Sandeep's work and will recommend her to my foke. "

Rachna Gupta

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