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"Ms. Sushreeta Sule is consulting as a clinical psychologist at our center Jennifer's Health and diet solutions. She is associated with us since 2.5 years and has given very good results in terms of counselling clients ranging from very young kids to teenagers and adults. She has worked with cases like anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, relationship issues, career guidance etc. She is very good at handling young adolescents because she has a very different and unique way of connecting with them so that they feel comfortable. I would recommend her for sure for sure. "

Jennifer Dhuri

"Sushreeeta ma'am is a fun loving and really understanding human beinng which rightfully translates into the therapy she does. She has provided me with real solutions through metaphors and examles from my life itself. She has pushed me to fight what's been holding me back to ethically and productively live my life for the my own overall personal development. The things I couldn't get over for the last two years looks like a much easier obstacle since I have been seeing her. I have visited 2 other psychologist before her but they couldn't empathise and emotionally understand my situation but Sushreeta ma'am has been really understanding and supportive round the clock. She is a fun person to talk to combined with a realistic approach to life and helping others do that. I would HIGHLY recommend her for anyone and everyone irrespective of what obstacle you are facing in life."

Arbaaz Nasser

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