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"I had got a session of Akashic Reading done for myself. The way Swati explained and guided me was wonderful. Now, I know what to expect and what all is needed for me to do in lufe. I highly recommend Swati. She is great at her job. Do connect with her for Akashic Records or NumerTarot sessions. I wish her all the success in life. "

Acharya Arjun

"Swati opened my eyes to so much that I need to hear when she did an amazing Akashic reading for me. She is really helping me to understand connections to my true self and how my past lives can answer so many questions that I have right now in my present life. Thank you Swati and I will continue to inquire about your services."

Keisha Jeanne' Sims Copeland

"If ever you get a reading from Swati- know that the heaven angel and God are by your side and have sent you to her so you can better your life. She will change your life for the better and you will never look back at the moments that made you sad. She is so blessed that just talking to her you are blessed. If she gives you a remedy- trust me just close your eyes and believe and have faith that your life will manifest just as you want it to. She has powers that are unbelievable. Thank you so much- you have blessed me by a reading i hope people understand who you really are! Because people like you dont reincarnate much. So thank you and am blessed to know you. A great soul and a great teacher. Mahadev sent you to me� Har Har Mahadev ."

Naureen Shahid