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"My experience with Swetha was really wonderful. I had really bad back and knee problem. My muscles were twitching frequently over there. All thanks to this wonderful lady I met. She gave me acupressure points and massage techniques and also showed me how to do it on my own everyday. Within 2 months, it really made wonders and I started walking healthy and fine. Thank you Ms.Swetha. "

Dinesh Kumar

"Be your own doctor with Acupressure... It sounds impossible but it really worked in my case. From an allopathy freak to shifting to Acupressure, Yoga and Naturopathy, it was all possible only because of Swetha. \n\n'Why rely on someone, be your own doctor' - This phase of Swetha and her approach towards alternative and clean medical therapies as well as a positive attitude has helped me changed my life to a very great and vibrant extent."

Dixit Mehta