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"Experienced pranic healing with Tanu. Not only did it reduce my physical ailment, it also helped my mind reach a peaceful state. It brought a shift in my life situation too towards the positive. Tanu is a patient listener, an intelligent healer and a loveable person. I wish her to heal more and more people.."

Sharmistha Sarangi

"I had gone my signature analysed by Smt Tanu. I carried out the modifications as suggested by her. To my surprise I noticed wonderfull and positive changes in self. I was more determined, confident, my relationship with individuals in society became very cordial and improved drastically. My heart felt thanks to her for such a nice guidance. I wish her all success. "

Nickhill S Kaushik

"If u want to experience the beauty and richness of life, Tanuji is one person I would highly recommend. Apart from being an amazing therapist, she is also the most knowledgable person I have ever come across. Ever since my childhood, I used to be petrified by almost every single person around me. Gradually, my self esteem started to deteriorate and I felt really low all the time. The feeling of anxiety started to creep in and though, I could sense something wrong but the process of realisation happened six months back when I had a massive break-down due to a personal issue that rocked my life . It was during this difficult phase of my life, I decided to take some professional help and started taking sessions from Tanuji. And as we progressed with the therapy, I could feel a part of the wall I had built around me, break every single time. The wall, unfortunately limited my vision towards life in each and every aspect. Despite the limitations, with every session that we undertook, I felt more liberated and got to know my real self. Everything around me seemed so beautiful which made me realise that during the course of my life, I have never loved or enjoyed with my own self. It's an amazing feeling when u start to truly explore ur real self and see how beautiful each human being around you is and what they can offer to the universe. Her approach to dealing with an individual is something I admire the most. Post understanding the situation and the mental state of the person, she designs a treatment plan combining hypnotherapy, NLP and Pranic healing for faster and better results. My true essence of my life changed ever since I started taking the sessions and I owe a lot to her."

Rakhi Darne

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