Tanvi Bajaj- Therapist -Arts Therapy, Dance Therapy | Thriive.in



"Tanvi's session on LMA provided me a great insight into how dance can have a structured representational language. She had simplified the material for us beautifully and her experiential activities helped us to assimilate the material we had learnt along the way. She managed to impart a very technical subject in a fun, engaging and self reflective way which is a great feat as a facilitator! Would highly recommend these sessions especially for those in DMT to add a structured approach to their training. Best wishes to Tanvi and her team! "

Suhani Sharma, Psychotherapist, Founder-Flow

"The entire concept of using movement and inculcating flexibility and creativity has brought a new perspective to ‘education’. It is one more dimension of outside the classroom learning and contributes to the richness of education because it uniquely combines dance movement with physical fitness and academics. "

Principal, Goa