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"Tanya Chadha has been working with us since March 2020. She is dynamic, extremely passionate and highly industrious. Even after receiving the Princess Diana Award for social work and counselling women and children in slums and economically weaker sections id society, she is very humble and focussed. Committed and with a reservoir of will power she is a go-getter who takes the initiative and likes to get things done. Arpan Dixit Global Business Head - CatFit +91-8384843164 "

Arpan Dixit

"Tanya has been a good listener throughout my experience with her. She is extremely supporting with positivity in all her thoughts,actions and advices. I have duly recommended her services and consultation to anyone in need."

Rohit Khurana

"Tanya is very knowledgeable and helpful, apart from encouraging me to see things from a different perspective which helps to gain clarity about what I feel the problem is compared to what actually is the root of the problem. She is practical, witty and invites me to take actionable steps for myself, which enables me to deal with difficult situations in my life much better and far more relaxed than before. "

Shubham Singh

"Tanya is one among the best young counsellors I have ever come across. I have referred many cases to her for a better management where we combine counselling with ayurveda treatment. She is a patient listener and a non-judgemental advisor. Since she is young, the young adult group of patients find it very comfortable to gel with her and share their issues with her."

preeti bhosle

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