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"I wanted to say that Dr. Tasneem H. Ibrahim is absolutely wonderful. After my sessions, everything in the universe is working for me. I really thank her from my heart. It's gratitude from my side. My relation with my husband n his family is wonderful. Has improved so much. My husband took me home after the first session itself. My inner voice had told me no then and it got postponed and he took me after a few days. Thanks a lot for it. Seriously I m really happy. He samnei sei said he will come and took me. He had come to my house to pick me up. We have gave nice hug to each other. We both cried. Feeling really good. I have somehow changed. My aggressiveness has gone towards my boss. Feeling matured. Very big change has come in my life. After taking sessions from you so many changes in my life and personal behaviour. Feeling free. Many thanks to you for coming in my life n gave me direction. Things have changed so much, I can't tell you. My husband is so loving and caring. my attachment with boss and his company is gone. I am looking for new job but am ok at this job also. Boss is paying me also now so things are so nice. Many many thanks to her for everything that she did for me. I am feeling so free and happy."

Kaksha Shah

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