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"I did it with her .I had an incredible experience doing the past life regression with m'aam , as I could understand myself in a different way with the phobias about life which were gripping me time and again I felt wholly released post a session with her .as I lived through times , ages with my soul expericing different bodies and nature and I could understand the reasons why was I undergoing a stress related to my life and she is brilliant at her work .I loved the session with her .She is truly a healer who can wholly understand a human being emotions completely."

Nandini Hoon

"I had a very enlightening session of PLR with Tertia Sandhu.She eased me into my inner realms effortlessly wherein I uncovered some lives which I completely could relate to my present situation. This helped me in deeply understanding and overcoming my insecurities. She is highly recommended for her intrinsic knowledge of this therapy.."


"I had a wonderful session of past life regression with Tertia Sandhu ,after the session I could relate my present relationship with my past relation and was able to appreciate my present life and relationship which improved me and my relationship with my husband tremendously. Tertia was so calm and sicenre with her soft voice but persisting, I could go to my past like a dream . She is a great therapist and recommend her truly."


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