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"I went to Trisha for few chellanges I have been facing from a long time. She helped me to address those chellanges effectively. She has been a great Hypnotherapist and I recommend her name for all people in need. "

Sudhanshu Sharma

"Thanks so much Trisha for resolving my issues. She has been a great hypnotherapist. I feel so comfortable with her. I would definitely recommend her for hypnotherapy"

Prachi chaturvedi

"I had been going through anxiety issues for quite few years now. And because the problem had started aggravating and affecting my personal and professional life , i was seeking help from any source i found appropriate. Finally when all efforts were in vain, I approached Trisha Kaushik for help. I could feel an improvement in my condition just after first 2-3 sessions. Finally after 5 sessions , I was confident enough of continuing on my own which I had lost somewhere in my struggle. Also my body and mind now feels so much lighter after being free from anxiety. This experience has truely given me a new life where i feel confident, satisfied and calmer towards life. Trisha is a great therapist and I highly recommend her to all those who are in need of any such help to not hesitate and approach her. "

Anuli Dass

"I had always read about the subconscious mind but did not know that it is gets moulded at a very young age in life. I went to Trisha with multiple issues, so she asked what my core problem is, I literally gave her a list. She explained how the problems can be like apples on a tree arriving from one seed or be multiple seeds. I have had sadness,depression, lack of ambition, difficulty in falling asleep, cynicsm, guilt just to name a few, but the one that has lingered throughout adult life was lack of self worth. Even though I have been fortunate to have good education, job, friends, supportive family etc, I always saw myself as someone who doesn’t deserve to be at a higher spot personally or professionally. I have taken somewhere around ten sessions from her and got to know a lot of aspects about how events have affected me and shaped the way I percieved life. It was truly fascinating, especially because I always considered myself as an aware soul, this was like a totally new dimension for me. The sessions solely focussed on solving the self worth issue but have resulted in me feeling more focussed, happier, lighter in head and having a peaceful sleep daily. My concentration levels have improved, the traumatic experiences now seem faded. Earlier, I used to wake up and just think about going back to bed without having to face the day, lock myself in, now I wake up looking forward to starting my day. I am so glad that I knew someone like her when I really needed it in life. Proud of your work, Trisha! "

Sonal Mishra

"Trisha is a great Therapist with in-depth knowledge of her subject. She is compassionate and understanding. Her therapies are very liberating and healing. She conducts her therapies with absolute ease and comfort. I strongly recommend to take therapy with her to totally resolve your issues."

Ttwa Deepa Thakore

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