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"I consider myself to be very fortunate and lucky to have met a beautiful soul and human being called Vidyaji. I have know her for over five years now and I have actually seen and experienced her growth for what she was five years earlier and as of today. She has come a long way and managed to clear loads and loads of obstacles and blocks which appeared in her life from time to time. Not only for herself she has been a guiding force and a very strong pillar for strength or you can call her as a Light Pole which helps the sailors in the turbulent sea when they are lost. Not only she has transformed herself but loads and loads of other people too totally selflessly. She is also emerging as an epitome of compassion. The way she coins and delivers the meditation scripts for the different occasions is just amazing. It mesmerizes the audience and takes them deep into the trance helping them forget the current realities and hardships of life and helps them get in touch with their true SELF - I AM. I think as of now I should hold my reins or else I may end up writing a small book on her achievements and the contributions she is busy doing for the human kind. May the almighty bless her in her journey and explorations called Life and continue to make her a beacon of light for human kind. "

Rajesh Mutta

"I have had the pleasure to learn Reiki, Magnified Healing , Merlin Trinity Healing System , Melchizedek Methods, Access Consciousness. I found her very well prepped and equipped to teach these sessions. She has a very compassionate attitude and is an effective healer. I have been on the receiving end of many of her healing sessions and they have helped me deal with many issues in life."

Himani Joshi

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