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"My Name is Bethestha Sanjana and i am A proud client of Counsellor Zainab Ma'am....Words Fall Short to tell what Ma'am means And what all she has done and is doing for me to Help me Get out Of what i am struggling with. sometimes I myself fail to understand my problem...but Ma'am Understands in my perspective in the same way as i want someone to understand and Helps me Get through it too... Ma'am approach is always To Create a Positive impact rooted on service motive and definitely not profit Based. If i have never Given up till date or have someone i can trust always Who will Help me get over any trouble and Be independent on my own can none other be My Zainab Ma'am who is Most Fondly and Lovingly Called As Counsellor Zainab....Truly i Feel Blessed to have known Zainab Ma'am as My Counsellor....Ma'am always tells me that there is no greater agony than Bearing an Untold story inside you. Dont be ashamed of your story you never know whom its going to inspire one day, talk about it. and when there was none to hear me and Help me when i approached to Ma'am.. She completely changed My Life and helps and Made me realise my mistakes in the Most Beautiful Way...For me There is No psychologist or counsellor on this earth Like My Counsellor. A saying goes like this Smile and The world smiles with you cry and you cry alone thats not of How it is when it comes about when i am the Client of Zainab Ma'am .. She Believes and conveys this beautiful message that Smile and the world definitely smiles with you. but always remember When you cry I am with you always People say as a Counsellor its her Duty But The love, care, Belongingness and Concern Ma'am showed towards a Broken person like me who only has Faced rejection all through her life...Cannot just be experessed in words A Counsellor Like Zainab Ma'am is rare to be found and i can Say i am Blessed than Anyone to Have Found Her There is so much to Say about Ma'am.... but I hope till here i have Done a little atleast justice to Ma'am's Work Thank you And God Bless Kind Regards Bethestha Sanjana "

Bethestha Sanjana

"Am really grateful to be chosen to share my feedback. Councilor Zainab is a very nice person and I enjoyed and benefited so much from her counselling, I feel at ease and comfortable when talking with her. She helps me solve all my problems and very patient too. She is really excellent at her job and am very grateful to have her. She is so loving and caring and I like her so much. I will like to recommend her to any body who needs counselling not to look elsewhere for she is the solution to all your problems. Thank you. "

Mubarika Mahamood

"I am a client of Zainab... She has been my therapist and she is very helpful and Co operating at what she does. Very patient and I would recommend her lways... "


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