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"Wat an amazing lady. So patient and non judgmental. Gave all my answers calmly. I strongly recommend her session "

Kamaljeet Kaur

"Patient lady. Cleared all my doubts and gave clarity to my situation"

Tenzing Yanki

"Bad experience!!!! "


"Great!! lady Never expect that i can get answers in that way.Makes me postive towards my goal .Thanks a lot."


"Nice tarot! Helped me a lot!"


"Money deducted from my account & whenever I click the chat button they again ask for money🤣 "

"Really very satisfied with her readings , very accurate and quickly answers , very patiently listen to all my queries , recommend every one should try her once ."

Priyanka Kumaar

"Her readings are profoundly accurate. She handles the questions with lots of empathy and her solutions were practical."


"Don't believe this lady or the website It is a scam They only make you pay and then don't provide you consultation"


"Worst app Scam "


"She was really good "


"Experience was good"


"Experience was good"


"I was really amazed with the accuracy of the things she predicted without any knowledge given by me..she always gives a positive outlook even if the situation is not in our favor..she is always there to help, i will highly recommend her....and hence forth also would like to consult .."


"Dear Zarna, Thank u so much for your readings. You were so helpful ..a good listener ..thoughtful counseling ..🙌blessings ."


"Dear Zarna, Thank u so much for your readings. You were so helpful ..a good listener ..thoughtful counseling ..🙌blessings ."


"Dear Zarna, Thank u so much for your readings. You were so helpful ..a good listener ..thoughtful counseling ..🙌blessings ."


"Thank u so much for your guidance.. Was really helpful to clear my thoughts and boost the positive vibes in me.. 🙏🏻🙂"

"Full of positive energy and detailed predictions"


"She was patient enough. She listened to me silently and gave a consultation. She was friendly and I did not feel I am talking to an third person to whom I never spoke. Was relieved speaking to her. Thank you "

"She is very calm and listen to your issues without any judgment. And also with the readings she explained more about gratitude. Thank you for helping me out."

"She was precise and detailed. I really liked her energy overall."

"An amazing person and also an amazing . ANALYST. Her vision and understanding has made me resolve issues which I have been facing for so long.. Thank you"


"She was able to connect with me the moment I spoke to her.She provided me with precise and doable solutions. Very Honest and supportive in every word she spoke. Thanks a lot "


"Worst reader. Each time i call she has same answer. 3 months. Energy stuck. After 1m5 months again same answer and same logic. Cut paste loser wasting time of others and thriive giving ratings to such readers."

Garima upadhyay

"Wonderdul Lady and an expert in her field. Made me feel very positive and guided me towards my goal with simple remedies. From my session I feel the lady is truly gifted as she pleasantly surprised me with certain details without me even hinting about them. I certainly wish to see her helping many more. "


"Inaccurate and megative"


"Thank ypu Mam for such a brilliant reading. The energies tapped by you resonated 100%. I found her to be honest without any sugar coating. She held my hand and guided me as to how I can reorganize and reallign my energies. She also sharedvtips on Law of Attraction and how I can use it to manifest. Where I am going wrong in my manifestation. I am really very happy that I spoke to her. So many doubts are cleared and so much of insight is gained. I truly found the session to be an enlightening one. "




"Speaks truth"

Rupinder kour

"Clear cut, concise & confident Tarrot Reader. Would surely recommend her to everyone!"

"Clear cut, concise & confident Tarrot Reader. Would surely recommend her to everyone!"

"She gave not only the prospects of my startup but also told me that my mental stage which was my closely guarded secret . She also guided me what can be my life path and what to do for dealing with mental stage ! Great experience ! Will look for her again "


"Honest answers and very patient"

"An amazing session that helped me to get lot of clarity on a lot of issues that I faced. Thank you so much"

"Excellent! and really helpful excellent reading"


"I was on the call with Zarna Ji and to my utmost surprise, I was thinking how someone can read your mind in a flash? how someone can just state with conviction that "yeh tumhaare life mein ho raha hai," and yep, she was completely accurate. She was right 200% of the time. She had the ability to read my thoughts, difficulties in which I was seeking consolation, and what steps to go next to accomplish my goals in life. She also assisted me with the magic words and the affirmations that I need to practice in order to CALM my mind and be sane with myself, and that I should resume loving myself, and that I should live life to the utmost!"


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